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Wishing you a smooth transition and a healthy start of 2022!

30 December, 2021

At Concord Neonatal, we believe in smooth transitions.

Loet was born on June 4th 2021, in the middle of the night, after a pregnancy of 27 weeks and 2 days. This is always a stressful situation, especially for parents. Thanks to the Concord Birth Trolley, Loet stayed close to his parents immediately after birth, receiving oxygen and nutrients via his connected umbilical cord while receiving respiratory support. Parents Kim and Sten could see everything that was happening and they could even put their hands on Loet to stimulate him. As Kim explained: “The doctors and nurses explained everything and we were really part of the moment. We wish that everyone who is in this potentially stressful situation could experience a birth of their child like ours.”

Loet is 1 of around 400 babies who have been supported on the Concord Birth Trolley.

It’s stories like Loet’s that keep us going, inspiring us to do everything in our power to give every baby around the world a ‘shock free’ birth. And we are not alone; we are delighted that our Concord Community is growing fast. We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our journey. Whether it is joining a Concord Talk, contributing to an expert discussion, or all of you who have been willing to embrace change and offer physiological-based cord clamping, giving newborn babies a smoother transition and the best chance of a healthy start in life.

Wishing you a smooth transition and a healthy start of 2022!

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