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Keeping the baby close to mom

Scientists Prof. Arjan te Pas and Prof. Stuart Hooper, and a team from Leiden University Medical Center, developed a new way of working to give all babies that are born to soon or who need extra support, a shock free birth:

Clamping the umbilical cord at a time when the baby is fully stable and breathing on its own, leading to a gentle switch from the oxygen rich blood flow from the placenta to autonomous breathing and blood flow.

This is physiological-based cord clamping.

We call this the Concord Birth Flow

Concord enables neonatal caregivers to provide lifesaving care with the umbilical cord intact for as long as needed. Close to mom, the baby gets maximum benefit from the blood from the placenta, up to the moment it is breathing on its own.

Key to the Concord Birth Flow is the Concord Birth Trolley.


"We have been performing PBCC in clinical trials with the Concord Birth Trolley for over 2 years now, with great enthusiasm. I really believe that this concept has the potential to reduce complications at birth for these vulnerable newborns."

Prof. Dr. Irwin Reiss - Erasmus MC, Sophia Children's Hospital

The Concord Birth Trolley is a mobile trolley that can be equipped with all necessary devices for adequate monitoring and treatment of babies that need extra support during transition. There no longer is any urgency to cut the cord, all necessary care can be provided immediately, while allowing the baby to stay close to mom and to wait calmly with clamping the cord until the baby is fully stable and breathing on its own.

The Concord Birth Trolley has a uniquely shaped Cradle with a patented opening for the umbilical cord and is mounted on a height adjustable and rotating arm, providing lots of freedom to position the baby very closely above mom. The baby, whether it is a very premature or term newborn, can be placed safely on the Cradle, even with a very short umbilical cord connected. Mom can see and touch her baby.

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The Concord Birth Trolley is commercially available in selected countries.
The Concord Birth Trolley may not be used to transport neonates.

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  1. Cradle with opening for the umbilical cord

  2. Radiant warmer (3rd party)

  3. Rotating, height adjustable arms

  4. Pole to attach medical equipment

  5. Wheels for maneuverability, with lock

The Concord Birth Flow is a new way of working

In the Concord Zone, whether it is in the delivery room or the operating room, obstetrics and neonatal caregivers collaborate at the mother’s bedside, to provide the best care for the baby and its mother. Training is key to make sure the Concord Birth Flow is implemented successfully, providing confidence for all involved caregivers.

Training is an inseparable part of our solution.

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“Our team is eager to perform PBCC as often as possible. Since we have implemented this workflow, with the support of Concord Neonatal, the teamwork between obstetrics and neonatology in delivery management, has further improved.”

Prof. Dr. Berndt Urlesberger - University Hospital Graz

Join the Concord Collaboration!

We invite everyone to join us to innovate for a shock free birth flow for every baby. Especially the ones that need it most.

The realization of the Concord Birth Flow with the Concord Birth Trolley is the first step. With the new Concord Zone as our basis, together we will gather, accumulate and translate the experience and insights from all over the world to create new and improved workflows, tools, products and services that help caregivers to help babies win.

Birth can be improved. And we will do it, together with scientists, caregivers and parents all over the world.
Let’s get birth right!
Because when babies win, we all win.

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Let's get birth right!

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