Our mission

Every year, over 15 million babies worldwide are born too soon, before 37 weeks of pregnancy. A baby who is born prematurely is usually not fully developed; vital organs might not be fully developed and many preemies require special care immediately after birth, simply to remain alive. The care provided in the first 10 minutes is critical for a preemie to survive without long-term disability.

It is our mission to improve quality of life for newborn babies, by innovating the care provided in the first critical minutes of life.

Our solution

Recent studies show that waiting with clamping and cutting the umbilical cord until the lung has aerated and the baby has been stabilized, has the potential to reduce complications at birth, long term disability and even prevent loss of life. Concord makes it possible for the neonatologist to provide lifesaving care, while keeping the umbilical cord intact. This offers benefits for the baby, the caregiver and the hospital.

Our product

Concord has a uniquely shaped support bed with an opening for the umbilical cord, on a height adjustable and rotating arm. This allows the baby to be placed very closely above the mother and keep the sometimes very short umbilical cord connected until the baby is stabilized. Concord keeps the baby close to make sure mother and baby can bond.


Concord is an new delivery table for preterm and full-term newborns and can be used for both normal birth in the delivery room and for caesarean sections in the operating room. All necessary monitoring and resuscitation equipment can be accommodated.

Dr. Arjan te Pas, neonatologist at LUMC explains:

Concord is not commercially available, for more information contact us


Concord keeps the baby close to mom

About us

Concord Neonatal is a startup company spun-out from LUMC, to develop and commercialize Concord. Concord Neonatal is supported by NLC, the health tech incubator. Patent protection for Concord has been filed worldwide and a clinical prototype has been developed. Concord has been successfully tested in a first clinical study and further clinical trials are being planned. The design of Concord is being updated towards commercial launch of Concord in 2018.

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