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Expert Panel: PBCC with the Concord Birth Trolley

Prof. I. Reiss, Prof. B. Urlesberger, Prof. M. Rüdiger, F. Kipfmüller

About this talk

In diesem Expertenrunde übertragen wir die Wissenschaft der physiologischen Abnabelung in die klinische Praxis. Vier führende Neonatologen werden über die Erfahrungen ihrer Kliniken bei der Einführung und Durchführung der physiologischen Abnabelung mit dem Concord Birth Trolley berichten, bei Termingeborenen und Frühgeborenen. Nehmen Sie teil, um mehr zu erfahren und/oder Fragen zu stellen, in dieser 25-minütigen interaktiven, moderierten Fragerunde.

Intact cord resuscitation - are we ready to start implementing?

Dr. Ola Andersson

About this talk

More and more studies on the procedure of Intact Cord Resuscitation emerge. In this Talk, Dr. Ola Andersson will discuss whether we are sure enough of the positive effects to start implementing the procedure in term infants, or if, and what more could be needed.

Physiological-Based Cord Clamping: An obstetrician's view

Dr. Philip DeKoninck

About this talk

In this Talk, Dr. DeKoninck will evaluate Physiological-Based Cord Clamping from the viewpoint of obstetrics. He will be sharing the latest scientific evidence, addressing general concerns the obstetric teams may have, and give valuable tips and tricks when implementing stabilization with an intact cord.

Clinical aspects of stabilization at birth with intact umbilical cord

Drs. Ronny Knol, and parent Bram Dees

About this talk

During this Concord Talk, Ronny Knol will educate us on the practical aspects how to aerate the lungs and stabilize the baby before clamping the umbilical cord, in accordance with ERC NLS 2021, and he will share feedback from involved caregivers and parents. Special guest, Bram Dees, will share his experience as a parent of the birth of his daughter Lara, who was supported on the Concord Birth Trolley at Erasmus MC.

Physiological-based cord clamping: Shared care, where the baby decides, is key.

Prof. Dr. Arjan te Pas

About this talk

In this Concord Talk, Prof. Arjan te Pas will educate us what the key success factors are when incorporating cord clamping into stabilisation of preterm infants and share the experiences of his clinic in practicing physiological-based cord clamping for over 4 years.

Don’t cut the cord until the baby is ready: The science behind umbilical cord management at birth.

Prof. Stuart Hooper

About this talk

In this educational talk, Prof. Hooper will explain the physiology of transition at birth and the science behind the timing of umbilical cord clamping; built on scientific research and completed with everyday case studies of neonates in need of support.

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